As soon as I opened one, it had a scent. But whats more concerning to me is that its not so much printed as it is imprinted, and the material seems thinner where the imprint of the name is. . The packaging is slightly different, not just in size, and the brand is printed on the mask, which wasnt the case before. The most important layer of protection, Prather says, is to never let the virus get out in the air in the first place., Tanya Lewis is a senior editor at Scientific American who covers health and medicine. Dive in and discover how to find the right mask and fit test it to ensure a good seal. Unfortunately, they dont fit as well. Also, the A friend had given me a mask that I loved, and since the name and the package of the ones I just received matched, I thought they would be the same. Featuring an earloop and nose bridge design, the BLUNA Facefit KF94 mask is adjustable to ensure that it fits well. This mask is comfortable, adjustable, and meets safety standards needed right now. I have tried a few brands of KF-94 masks, and these Bluna Facefit ones are my favorite. That was because there was then a shortage of such masksand health care workers desperately needed them. this product listing does not comes with Lanyard. The good news is that you can buy a pack of 10 Bluna KF94 masks for both adults and children from Protectly. It fits both me and my husband. I also like that there ends up being space between your mouth and the mask so it is not suffocating me when I am breathing. We have these masks on stock and we will ship them within 2 days from Portland, OR. Good quality and comfortable! "The KF94 [certification] standard is really close to our N95 standard," he says. The adjustable straps fit with the limited behind the ear space. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. A wealth of evidence has shown that wearing a face mask helps prevent people from spreading the virus that causes COVID, SARS-CoV-2, to others and from becoming sick themselves. Also the packaging that I saw looked completely different. The masks are great, especially the adjustable ear loops. Early on in the pandemic, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization told the public not to wear N95 respirators, a type of mask that is made from high-tech synthetic fibers and provides a high level of protection against virus-laden airborne particles called aerosols. Mask fit right except strap is a bit long but it's can easily be fixed with just a twist of the strap and then loop on ears. One of the best things about the Bluna KF94 mask is that it is available for both adults and kids. 26 comments. Ever since the new coronavirus pandemic hit us, we are always looking for the best facial masks to protect us. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. We aim to ship within 2 business days or less from Portland, OR. Theres a reason N95s arent made from cloth, Collins says. (No return or Exchange on this item)Due Be Healthy is the Official Distributor of "Blue Industry" masks in the United States Of America. Our customers have published thousands of positive reviews because they trust us to provide genuine and reliable protection. The truth is that even during lockdown periods, we still need to go to the grocery store, to the bank, or even to the pharmacy. Has anyone else gotten a packaging like this, and/or can confirm whether theyre legit or counterfeit? I have tried many masks. I felt it was easy to breathe with this mask on and was quite comfortable. One reason people may be reluctant to use KN95s and similar masks is because they are usually considered disposable. In the absence of more specific guidance from health authorities such as the CDC as to which brands of respirators and other masks provide the best protection, some skilled amateurs have stepped in to fill the gap. What about the bewhiskered among us? Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. [HYGIENIC PACKAGING] Individually packed to fulfill hygiene standards for product safety. Kollect is my go-to for purchasing masks. For more information about the apparatus see this video: previous mask reviews see this video : Intro01:07 Summary table as of Oct 11, 202001:25 How to wear a KF94 mask with adjustable earloops02:45 Surgical \u0026 cloth masks discussion06:15 How filter efficiency affects exposure risk13:30 Mask recommendations for larger faces as of Oct 11, 202015:23 Mask recommendations for smaller faces as of Oct 11, 2020BOTN - SOURCE1 1: 2: Airwasher Basic 20:05 Bon 3D - 15:50 FaceFit Black- 18:41 FaceFit White- 21:41 Brand: BLUNA FACE FIT BLUNA FACE FIT ::GENUINE:: KID's KF94 Certified 3D Safety Face Mask [SMALL] [Adjustable Ear Loop] [Made in Korea] 73 ratings | 5 answered questions $2299 ($2.30 / Count) Color: White (10 Pack) See more About this item Non-Woven Ear Loop closure But the pressure drop was almost twice as high as that of an N95. Its not bulky and I am able to breath not like other mask. He wore them all summer.. Ive been buying Bluna Facefit KF94 kids masks for over a year now, and this latest batch is in slightly different (maybe updated?) NIH Study on Effectiveness of KF94 and N95 masks. It is located about 35 miles (56 km) northwest of downtown Los Angeles, and occupies most . Breathable and comfortable KF94 (Korea FDA certified) BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) 99.9% tested by KOTITI, Korea Four layers protection with KF94 standard Individual packaging Mask for adults [ L size] White OR Black colour 100% Made in Korea Learn more Be Healthy is the Official Distributor of "Blue Industry" masks in the United States of America. Yes, but I think there are better solutions, he said in one of his videos. The Bluna Facefit is a brand of KF94 masks. But there is no official standard for N95 use by the general public. For the record, I bought them from Amazon, ordered Jan 4, 2022, received the 14th. Support small. There are a number of national standards for respirator quality. Well thats reassuring then. Sale price Thanks! In fact, when tested in Germany,it obtained "Excellent" rating for skin irritation even if you need to wear it for prolonged hours. Scientific American spoke with several experts on aerosol transmissionsome of whom have tested various masks available on the marketand they agree that health authorities should strongly recommend people wear well-fitted, high-filtration masks. It stays in place even when talking for extended periods of time. Youll notice on the left masks packaging it has the photo updated to show the brand printed on the mask itself, just like the mask I received. Customers rate us 4.8/5 based on 3678 reviews. This strategy, which the CDC has recommended, combines the filtration efficiency of the surgical mask material with the fit of a cloth mask. The most popular black variety of the KF94 is back in stock, in addition to the classic white mask . They have little strings on the side and you can pull on them to make them tighter on your face if needed. Why Should You Consider Bluna KF94 Masks? *kf94:. I personally doubt that there really good fakes of them since they can be bought from Korea for so cheap (40 something cents retail including shipping from the company). And the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets standards for how they have to fit people in work settings (such as in hospitals). In addition, it is breathable allowing you to wear it as long as you need during the day. Another way to get a better fit is to use masks with straps that go around the back of the head or to use a mask brace if one only has access to a surgical mask. BLUNA FACE FIT ::AUTHENTIC:: Premium KF94 Certified [LARGE] Korean Safety Face Mask [Adjustable Ear Loop] MADE IN KOREA 279 4 offers from $21.99 [20Packs] KF-94 - Face Protective Mask for Adult (White) [Made in Korea] [20 Individually Packaged] KN FLAX Premium KF-94 Certified Face Safety White Dust Mask for Adult [English Packing] 10,729 Be safe and protect your loved ones from PM2.5, Haze, Dusts and Virus. Unless you are a health care worker or home care worker tending to a person who is COVID-positive, Flores says, you dont need an N95.. 10. What I usually say is The best mask is the one you wear properly, says JudithFlores, a pediatrician and a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and of the New York Academy of Medicine. And OSHA measures how a respirator fits on someones face, which often involves wearing an N95 in an enclosed space with saccharin or another distinctly flavored test aerosol sprayed in: if the wearer reports tasting the substance, the mask fails the fit test.). An issue with commercially available high-filtration masks is that they may not come from reputable suppliers. While there are not a great deal of data on this, some research suggests that the longer a persons beard or mustache is, the less effective a mask will be because it makes an inferior seal with the face. We source the highest quality products. I have tried a few brands of KF-94 masks, and these Bluna Facefit ones are my favorite. The European equivalent of the N95 is the FFP2 respirator, which filters at least 94 percent of particles. Hi, I just got an order of these in and had the exact same question, so ty for posting! Unlike the standard disposable, single use face masks, in other word the Air queen breeze can be reused up to 10 times. CONTACT US : +1 628-899-2065 This thread is archived. Our little guy loves these masks. Yet, price is a little high compare to others. Ive added links to photos now. The nano-masks are approved for use during surgical procedure. Elegant, ultralight, ultra-thin, it is perfectly adjustable to the face, very comfortable to wear, very breathable. Though you might have English packaging which is rarer. FACE-FIT* Design allows you to wear it closely to fit the wearer's face size. Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. Recommended for regular/medium size faces. BLUNA 3D FaceFit mask [KF94] - Adults S$1.70 S$3.00 Tax included. All sales are final. Great customer service and quick to respond. Featuring an earloop and nose bridge design, the Bluna KF94 mask is adjustable to ensure that it fits well. But which mask should you use? Please visit the bundle page to edit. Material made very comfortable. While there are many different facial masks on the market, one of recent best additions to ourline of quality authentic products is the Bluna KF94 mask(adjustable). Kids - fits ages 5-13. Required fields are marked. The ear loops are looser, but I guess I can tie knots to tighten them. Even when adjusted they come up high on the face and interfere w their eyes. (For comparison, NIOSHs N95 standard requires manufacturers to measure leakage through the respirator material itself. Very satisfied with the youth mask. Above all Renowned DuPont filter with three-dimensional structure allows easy breathing and comfortable wearing. You should've bought them from Gmarket, it's a lot safer than amazon. surgical masks significantly lowered the risk of infection, The Pandemic's Mental Toll, and Does Telehealth Work? It's so easy to adjust the fit to your face. Same mask, same filtration, new look! Flores believes surgical masks are the most convenient and cleanest option if they are discarded after each use. "Comparing it to an N95 which has 95% filtration efficiency, this is 94% good at filtering out particles. We hope that our other selections offer you better options to suit your needs and fit you better. Reviewed in the United States on August 30, 2021. Collinss amateur testing suggests mask can be used for up 40 hours with no decrease in their filtration efficacy (he recommends using them within six months of opening a package). I believe Aaron tested the new ones and they are still the same efficiency. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. Welcome to Reddit's place for mask information! He measured a filtration efficiency of upward of 90 percent for a cloth mask (with nose wire) over a surgical mask. It's pleasant even when worn for a long time and comfortable breathing is possible because the three-dimensional structure that does not touch lips is not disturbed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, [PREMIUM QUALITY] KF94 Rating Certified in South Korea with Many Other Certificates - Please see List of Certificates provided on product image. There was a problem completing your request. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Great customer service and quick to respond. Available in Adult & Kids sizes. Oh, also, mine doesn't even say ccm or kn flax, it doesn't have a logo at all in the corner anyhow, did you ever determine if these new ones were legit? The difference between the KN95 and the KF94 is that the South Korean government's Ministry of Food and Drug Safety rigorously tests and oversees the manufacture and distribution of KF94 masks. Its not bulky and I am able to breath not like other mask. Are there sizes other than large? BLUNA KIDS KF94 Korean Face Mask Made in Korea Respirators Protective Covers $16.99 Free shipping [10 pack] Authentic BLUNA KF94 Certified Mask LARGE, White *OFFICIAL US DEALER* $18.89 Free shipping [10 pack] Authentic BLUNA KF94 Mask Black/White/Adult/Kids *OFFICIAL US DEALER* $18.89 Free shipping Thanks for reading Scientific American. While the 3M N95 is the gold standard for health care workers in . Join the Protectly family for product insights and promotions, Address: 3055 NW Yeon Ave, Suite 41, Portland, OR 97210, Phone/Text:(800) 875-1843| Email: Besides, since it includes an adjustable earloop design and 3D structure, you can be sure that it will perfectly fit the contours of your face. The CDC has released a somewhat amusing graphic demonstrating styles of facial hair that are appropriate to wear with a respirator. Not only when you wear it but ever since the production stage. Please try again later. I had seen those Bluna-type masks on the KN Flax (which is a good mask maker in its own right) store on Amazon. I do not have to adjust them constantly like other masks Ive tried. Adjustable nose-bridge and earloop design is also perfect for those with glasses. Bluna Facefit KF94 White-Adjustable (Kid) $15.00 Evergreen KF94 Cleantop Adjustable Straps KIDS SMALL (Black) $15.00 Evergreen KF94 Cleantop Adjustable Strap KIDS SMALL (White) $15.00 CoCoFarm Kitty KF94 Kids-Small $15.00 The Bio For Preschool Kids 'U&I' KF94 Adjustable (XXS-White) $15.00 CoCoMong KF80 Adjustable XXS-Toddler Size (5pcs/pouch) [COMFORTABLE DESIGN] Adjustable ear loop design with soft/lightweight lint-free material and 3D structure fits ergonomically around the contours of your face giving you a comfortable feel and excellent breath-ability while wearing all day. Fully automated end to end manufacturing process ensures highest level of hygiene and free of contamination. Discover more about the small businesses partnering with Amazon and Amazons commitment to empowering them. The mask manufacturing and packaging is completely automatic and is safely manufactured without worrying about product contamination . Shop products from small business brands sold in Amazons store. 165-1 Chunui-dong, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South KoreaCEO / ShaheriBusiness Registration Number( MASKOREA ) 696-54-00691E-mail : [emailprotected]Phone Number : +821058089690, Save Up to 70% Off With Huge range of the Korean's finest masks, Best deals and lowest prices online +Free Shipping, BLUNA Face fit KF94 For Adults | Black-Adjustable, BLUNA Facefit KF94 Mask Black-Adjustable(Adult), 165-1 Chunui-dong, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, Business Registration Number( MASKOREA ) 696-54-00691, BLUNA KF94 White Mask Adjustable | Adults, Air Queen Large Size Anti-Droplet /2 pcs per Pack, Air QUEEN Neo NanoFiber Filter Mask 4 Colors FDA, Welkeeps Yellow Dust Disinfection For Adult. Editors Note (4/19/22): This article is being republished in light of a recent ruling by Florida federal judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle striking down a federal mask mandate on airplanes and public transit. 2023 Protectly TM. That all said, it might not be Bluna but it might be a perfectly good KF94. When you are shopping for the best masks for Covid protection and other PPE gear, you can purchase from Protectly with full confidence. I just received a shipment of the "KN FLAX" marked masks from kollecteusa today from the Bluna FaceFit restock. When you are shopping for the best masks for Covid protection and other PPE gear, you can purchase from Protectly with full confidence. A year ago we could say that we were concerned about shortages for health care workers, so we were telling people to make your cloth mask, and any mask is better than no mask, says Linsey Marr, an environmental engineer and aerosol science expert at Virginia Tech. The mask fits perfectly, its not tight around the ears, and one can easily breathe. Aaron Collins, aka Mask Nerd, is a mechanical engineer at Seagate Technology with a background in aerosol science. Great for small faces. The Air Queen has greater breath ability and comfort than the N 95, surgical or cloth masks which is vital to nurses who have to remain so active during so much of the day. Very satisfied with the youth mask. Collins sees no reason why kids could not tolerate them. Half the time I pull them way too hard and break it but it still tightened on my face. Dummy products are essential for the Bundle Builder app to function. This means that you've finally found a face mask that is comfortable. I love these masksthey are my favorite! The first time, I got one mask with a rubber band on it, apparently previously containing the other nine. - What is the difference between 2D Mask and 3D Mask? BLUNA CE FFP2 mask Facefit Easy Breath 100count FREE Shipping CE FFP2 mask New generation in Nanotechnology FFP2 Mask in Nanofibers from Korea, with a filtration efficiency greater than 99%. Bluna Facefit KF94 Black-Adjustable(Adult) C . All. But given what scientists know nowespecially with the viruss highly transmissible Delta variant spreading and people spending more time indoors in schools, for exampleI think the CDC should be recommending high-performance masks for everyone when theyre in these risky indoor situations, she says. [HYGIENIC PACKAGING] Individually packed to fulfill hygiene standards for product safety. Why arent more people wearing them? Hi! The newer ones are slightly bigger too. It could be an American reseller trying to meet unprecedented demand for high filtration masks from Korea, knowing that the quality standard for the KF94s is well regulated. One of the KN FLAX packages is date stamped 20220105G -- I'm assuming that's when it was manufactured. KF94 Rating Certified by the government of South Korea Made in South Korea . post the listing from whom you bought it. FACE-FIT* design with adjustable string adapts the face of wearers. Bluna Facefit KF94 Black-Adjustable(Adult). Reviewed in the United States on October 13, 2021. [EXCELLENT SAFETY] 4-Layers with high quality Melt-Blown layers that filters out 94% of particles with an average size of 0.4 . Breathable and comfortable KF94 (Korea FDA certified) BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) 99.9% tested by KOTITI, Korea Four layers protection with KF94 standard Individual packaging Mask for Adults and kids White and Black colour 100% Made in Korea. They cost around $1 each. I don't see the pics in the comments yet.

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